Da Claudio


Da Claudio feels like a casual neighborhood joint and yet it is set amongst the towering sky scrapers of lower Manhattan. The space is vast with a large bar and ample seating. The food is fine. It's not ‘call your mother and tell her about this amazing meal you just had’ good, but it's fine. It has all of the Italian staples one would expect – burrata, prosciutto, fritto misto, carpaccio. The pasta section is massive with every shape and sauce you could ever imagine. If you read reviews online every person without fail mentions the warm hospitality, which is undeniable. Prices are also reasonable so the check wont break the bank.


Address: 21 Ann St, New York, NY 10038

Phone:   (212) 285-2668

Neighborhood: Financial District

Website: https://www.daclaudionyc.com/about.html

Price: $$