Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe  


Tableside Italian is a new restaurant that recently hit the mean streets of the East Village. The family owned and operated restaurant is cozy and dark with warm service. The food is authentic Italian cuisine but the ingredients and plating is a step up from your average red sauce Italian joint. The menu offers a lot to choose from with surprising starters like tender lamb meatballs and baked clams with bacon.  Portions are large and the absolute best thing is the thick cut, impossibly tender pan roasted pork chop with sweet and mild vinegar peppers. I say this to you as a person who doesn't really like pork chops and generally hates peppers. It's that fantastic. Great little neighborhood spot with elevated comfort food. 


Address345 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003

Phone: (646) 852-6498

Neighborhood: East Village


Price: $$-$$$