Quality Eats


Address:  19 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014

Phone:   (212) 337-9988

Neighborhood: West Village

Website: https://www.qualityeats.com/

Price: $$


The team behind Quality Meats & Italian clearly know how to execute a concept that generates massive appeal. They opened Quality Eats as their first venture into downtown dining and hit it out of the park. They drew from all the best elements of their uptown spots -  dark & vibey with a huge bar and a perfect playlist. Then, packaged it into a smaller space where people will go for neighborhood dining. While the menu may be slightly reminiscent of a steakhouse, the price and creativity level certainly aren't. Make a meal out of the starters like sausage & pepper toast, grilled bacon with peanut butter & jalapeno jelly, and grilled bucheron cheese. Wrap up with fun "dessert scoops" like birthday cake or this sh*t is bananas. This is also a great option for brunch 3 days/week with food that will kick the ass out of any hangover you're enduring.